Custom Designs


Have a design in mind that you have never seen before?
We are ready to make it come to life!

CAD Rendered & Hand Carved by our in house designer

Step 1: Design

Free personal consultation with our designer to discuss what you want made, create a sketch, and determine how to fit it in your budget.

No piece is too big or too small, we do them all!

Step 2: Render

Next our designer takes your ideas to the computer. This is when the sketch will really start to take shape. Here he will create a digital render of your idea to better show you what your final piece will look like.

Step 3: Sculpt

Once the design looks just how you want it, our designer will begin creating a sculpt of your piece. Depending on the piece, this is done either by hand in wax, 3D printed in plastic, or a combination of both methods.

Step 4: Cast

From here a mold is made of the personalized sculpt, and your piece is cast in your choice of silver, gold, platinum, or palladium.

Step 5: Metal Finish

After the cast is cleaned up you get to choose how you want the surface of the metal to be finished. Our most popular option are bright, satin, sand blast, brushed, florentine, and hand engraved.

Step 6: Gem Setting

Now that the measure is finished, it is time to set your chosen stones. Once the gems are in place, the piece is looked over and touched up again.

Step 7: Presentation

Our favorite part! This is when you get to try on your custom designed piece. Our greatest reward is seeing how happy you are with what has been created.

Call, email, or come in to set up your consultation!