At Coffrin Jewelers, we strive to offer the best in appraisal and gemstone analysis services available.

Appraisals are most commonly requested for insurance, estate purposes, or simply for peace of mind. On occasion, appraisals are requested for various other purposes such as barter, divorce or to determine the actual cash value. These values are most commonly known as Retail Replacement Value (RRV), Fair Market Value (FMV), and Actual Cash Value (ACV). Please speak with one of our appraisers if you would like help determining which type of appraisal might be best for you. Our in-house Appraisers and Gemologists are available to you by walk-in or appointment.

Our appraisals are performed by two participating appraisers. An added feature to our appraisals is that we include high definition digital photography printed next to each item described; we also include a HD photomicrograph of major center stones, along with an actual plot (or diagram) showing the individual identifying characteristics.

Coffrin Jewelers offers loose gemstone certification and gemstone recutting. Our gemologists will perform individual loose gemstone reports on most gemstones, we can also have your gemstones identified and graded by G.I.A. the world’s foremost gemological authority and independent laboratory.

We offer gemstone cutting, recutting and repolishing though our resources. Every type of gemstone behaves and wears differently. We know cutters who specialize in all types of gems and services.